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The Event Planner was founded from the desire to create truly fantastic, memorable events for our clients and their guests. We began this journey servicing couples and therefore, wanted to embrace events that truly represented both the bride and groom as a unit, combining the masculine and feminine alike. 

With years of experience in weddings, corporate and social events coupled with a love for travel and culture, our goal was to build a foundation that focused on creating each event different from the last. With a deep focus on our client and their unique story, we work to build an event that is truly memorable, infusing our creativity with lavish personal touches. Equipped to travel, The Event Planner offers our entire array of services throughout the United States and  abroad!

In order for us to do our best work, we need to get to know you. We want to know you as a couple and as individuals. How you met, what made you fall in love with each other, your personalities, things you like to do, what you are passionate about and how you like to have fun. We even want to know your pets! All of these things encompass who you are and letting us know you helps us create an experience that is truly unique to you!


Our Leadership Team 

meet Carlee

CEO & Senior Director

A Utah native and free spirit, Carlee is a mother to her son and her rescue fur baby Willy. She enjoys fitness, traveling, or curling up with a glass of Pino and a good book. Carlee will never try karaoke again but she has belly surfed on a skateboard, has a signature dance move and loves that Tracy makes fun of it!

Her unparalleled passion for her work and her steadfast desire to give every client the best experience possible is the driving force behind the company's success!

meet Tracy

Assistant Director & Lead Designer

Raised in Alabama, Tracy is the mother of two sons, a daughter and her rescue baby "Izabelle Baforfington" aka Izzie. She enjoys shopping, spending time with her 3 year old grandson and if you can describe a movie...she can probably name it!  She can dance but prefers to chair dance for fear of injury on the dance floor by Carlee's signature dance move!

Tracy's attention to detail and unbridled design creativity lend themselves to delivering spectacular events catered to each and every client.  



About You |


So who is an EP couple? First and foremost, they are very much in love and elated about getting married! They both want to be equally involved in planning their big day but can comfortably "divide and conquer" when needed. An EP couple either knows what they like and don't like already or will at least know it when they see it.

They are good communicators, are (or are learning to be) decisive decision makers and team players. Visuals are great but with a little help, they can also create a picture in their mind. They may have lots of ideas but are also very open to exploring new ones. EP couples have a great appreciation for creativity and for thinking "outside the box" but are also able to be practical and realistic.


They like to have a level of control but are willing to let someone they can trust take the reigns. They realize that their wedding day is as much about their guests experience as it is about their own so they want their day to be something that entices all the senses. They want everything from the flavor of the cake and food, the brilliance of lights and florals, the excitement of the music to the feel of luxury linens and draping to make them and their guests feel like they are in a dream.

So you've decided we are a match...GREAT! Let's go on a date!


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