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Custom Experience

A custom experience, completed to perfection with detailed personal attention

Offering clients an all-inclusive service composed of planning, design, event production and management. We leave no  detail overlooked! With this luxury experience, you receive the full benefit of your Planning, Event Management, Design & Production team throughout every aspect of your journey. We will take your vision and transform it in to a wedding day reality that encompasses all of the aspects that meet your high standards and impeccable taste.

We begin working with you from the onset of hire to create a one of a kind experience, ensuring your journey is completely stress and work free. We create a detailed plan for your wedding weekend, leaving no detail overlooked and follow through with a full scale production.


Everything that you hear, taste, see and feel will be curated especially for you, resulting in a truly extraordinary experience for you and your guests!



Most of our clients have a vision of their event, and we price it based on the vision.  Some come to us with a budget, and we design to that level. Our Custom Experience service is investment is based on the vision, budget and scope of work. We would love the opportunity to talk about your vision and be entrusted to create the day of your dreams!

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Event Management


The Event Planner specializes in making your wedding day completely stress free, which is why we believe in the importance of top notch Event Management. Often referred to as "day of" or "month of" wedding coordination, this service allows you to do all of your own planning, design and production while having and experienced Event Manager on-site to ensure everything goes as you planned.

On event day, your Event Manager delivers a seamless execution, which always begins with creating a detailed schedule for your entire event team and those closest to you. Beginning the month of your event, we work with you and your vendor team to develop a plan for execution that works for everyone. Seeing the big picture is a must for keeping your event running smoothly throughout the duration of your day and we will be there making those tough “behind-the-scenes” decisions so you don't have to. Seeing you through to the perfect day!

Service Highlights

¿Con qué sistemas ContPAQi es compatible SIANEC?

Es 100% compatible con Factura Electrónica®, Adminpaq® y Comercial®, de Contpaqi®.

¿Con SIANEC voy a tener información duplicada?

No!, SIANEC se conecta directamente a la base de datos de ContPAQi Comercial y en la misma instancia, lo cual permite leer, modificar y dar de alta la información de tus clientes, productos y servicios.

SIANEC ¿Es un sistema en la nube?

SIANEC es un sistema de escritorio, lo cual permite la correcta comunicación entre ContPAQi Comercial Premium.

¿En que giros está actualmente instalado SIANEC?

SIANEC es una solución que al integrarse con algunos de los sistemas de ContPAQi, maximizan el control, los procesos y se obtiene información importante para la toma de decisiones; por lo tanto, nos permite entrar a giros que con solo los sistemas de ContPAQi no lo logramos. Actualmente está instalado en los siguientes giros: 1. Distribuidores de ContPAQi. 2. Empresas de TI. 3. Comercializadoras mayoristas. 4. Empresas de venta, renta y servicios a equipos electrónicos. 5. Transportistas. 6. Agencias aduanales. Y muchos giros más...

SIANEC ¿Es un software multiempresa?

Si, ya que SIANEC maneja el mismo esquema que los productos de ContPAQi.

¿Puedo distribuir SIANEC?

Si eres un distribuidor ContPAQi, por supuesto que lo puedes realizar.

¿Cuántos años tiene SIANEC?

SIANEC es un software que tiene más de 11 años de desarrollo, en los cuales se han ido puliendo y mejorando los diferentes módulos que lo integran.

¿A qué tipo de empresas se enfoca SIANEC?

SIANEC es un software que se adecúa a cualquier tipo de presupuesto, desde una micro hasta una mediana empresa, lo cual lo hace un software accesible y escalable. ¡Solicita tu demostración!



Our Event Management services are a flat fee based on the scope of work and you will receive upfront and transparent pricing with your customized proposal. The average client investment for our Event Management  service is $1850

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We believe effective planning is the most essential aspects of preparing for your wedding day! That’s why we’ve spent years perfecting our process to truly bring you a unique and quality experience that is bar none. Our process is streamlined to make your engagement enjoyable and stress-free and our team is here to save you countless months of research and guessing when it comes to preparing for the biggest day of your life. 


From the beginning of the planning process, we bring you only the best. Setting you up for success from the very start, with our partners in the industry who value the same high standards that we do.

Our mission and approach is to bring people together with intent and purpose. Your planner will work diligently to gather all of the most important details and desires for your event to bring it full circle; creating and connecting you with a team of fabulous creatives to execute your day flawlessly.

Service Highlights


  • Initial consultation with our Planning Team
  • Regular consults with your personal Planner to discuss details and progress
  • Assistance coordinating vendor meeting
  • Attend vendor meetings, if deemed necessary to the planning process
  • Education and advice on wedding etiquette/traditions
  • Unlimited professional recommendations and guidance


  • Customized spreadsheet for planning, tracking and organization
  • Floor plan and table seating arrangement
  • Ceremony layout arrangement
  • Refer and assist in securing quality vendors
  • Negotiate and review all vendor contracts
  • Negotiate pricing and assist with placing orders for rental items
  • Guidance on RSVP management
  • Collection of necessary insurance certificates
  • Secure local hotel group rate for out of town guests, if needed
  • Assist in securing specialty wedding transportation for the couple
  • Vendor payment tracking & reminders
  • Guidance in selecting guest favors and attendant gifts
  • Coordination of vendor arrival times and communication of venue procedures
  • Rehearsal dinner planning


Compliment your Planning by adding one of our other service offerings (additional fees apply):

  • Event Management
  • Design
  • Production



Our Planning services are a flat fee based on the scope of work and you will receive upfront and transparent pricing with your customized proposal

Contact us today for further details and to Schedule your Consultation!


Design & Production

Most of our clients have a vision of their dream event, and we price it based on the dream.  Some come to us with a budget, and we design to that level, while others simply prefer to provide their own design and décor and just need a team to oversee the placement and styling on their wedding day

While these two services work best when combined together, we do offer each as a separate service depending on your needs. 

Design Service |

From the onset of hire, your creative director begins getting to know you, so that she can develop true representation. Serving as the lead to your creative team of vendors, your director begins curating that seamless production, everything from custom color palettes, customized décor selections and luxury linens to specialty lighting. We will create a full design of each event space – including your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception locations.

We will present you full design plan options that match your impeccable taste, high standards and expectations with projections to help you understand the ways in which your budget can be allocated, giving you the opportunity to ask questions so that you can truly understand just how much it buys. With our strategic process, you will be able to see your event come to life! 

Service Highlights


Concept creation services for rehearsal dinner, ceremony, cocktail hour & reception to include:

  • Theme
  • Color pallete
  • Decor
  • Lighting
  • Draping
  • Floral
  • Venue layout
  • Tablescape concepts
  • Modification or adjustments to clients design plan
  • Complete Concept & Design Presentation


Due to the nature of creating a design concept for your event, we are not able to work jointly with another design firm


While this service works best when coupled with our Production services, you can compliment the Design service by adding one of our other service offerings (additional fees apply):

  • Production
  • Planning
  • Event Management



Our Design services are a flat fee based on the scope of work and you will receive upfront and transparent pricing with your customized service proposal. 

Contact us today to Schedule your Consultation!

Production Service |

Our team works to bring all of the events’ intimate details to the table and ensuring the day is a complete and beautiful representation of you and your guests!

What exactly is Production? In simpler terms...Production is everything that encompasses the set up and take down of your event. Anything from your table settings to the most elaborate draping. Our Production services will bring our design plan (or yours) to life on your special day. If you have also selected  us to handle all of the design elements for your event, with Production we will handle all of the logistics, set up and take down for you. However, if you prefer to create your own design and contract another designer or provide your own décor, we are happy to stylize and set up everything according to your specifications

Service Highlights

Quem pode fazer os cursos?

Todos! Nossos cursos visam a democratização da educação e da ciência. Sendo assim, todos são bem vindos!

Sou estudante acadêmico: estes cursos servem para mim?

Sim! Estes cursos são muito recomendados para quem é das áreas: - Biologia - Veterinária - Engenharia ambiental - Oceanografia - Qualquer outra área conectada à ambiental Além disso, você poderá usar os certificados para comprovar horas complementares e também como provar sua capacitação na área.

Sou estudante do Ensino Médio: estes cursos são recomendados para mim?

Sim! Alunos do ensino médio são muito bem vindos! Aqui você terá acesso aos conteúdos similares aos cursos de Graduação em Biologia. Os conteúdos aqui abordados também são muito frequentes em provas do Enem e em vestibulares.

Quanto tempo duram os cursos?

Cada curso tem a carga horária total de 24h. Realizados durante um final de semana (sábado e domingo).

Sou estudante de outra área: estes cursos servem para mim?

Sim! Nossos cursos visam a democratização da educação e da ciência. Estes cursos são muito recomendados para qualquer pessoa que tenha interesse na área ambiental marinha.

Estes cursos possuem certificados válidos?

Sim! Os cursos possuem certificado válido de conclusão de 24h, emitido pelo Instituto de Biologia Marinha Bióicos, assinado pelo Prof. Dr. Douglas Peiró, Diretor Geral.

Onde são os cursos?

Os cursos acontecem na nossa Base: A casa na montanha, Bairro Saco da Ribeira/Praia do Lázaro, Cidade de Ubatuba, Estado de São Paulo, Brasil.


Our Production services based on the scope of work required to create your day. You will receive upfront and transparent pricing with your customized proposal. 

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