"Day Of" Wedding Coordinators Do Not Exists!

 We know, We know… they do exist. And a day-of coordinator is what everyone says that you at least need to have for your wedding day to run smoothly. But the reality is that in order for a wedding day to run smoothly, a coordinator doesn’t just work for the day of the wedding. So in essence, they really shouldn’t be referred to as “Day-of”!

Think about it- would you want someone walking into your wedding on the day-of when they have no idea about anything that is supposed to happen?

Definitely not, right? Having a coordinator for the day of your wedding is of course something that I highly recommend, but you must realize that for a coordinator to successfully carry out your wedding day, they need to be able to work BEFORE your wedding day too. Well thankfully, there are alternatives to “Day-Of” Coordination – “Month-of” Coordination and “Event Management”!

Month-of coordination certainly isn’t a new concept, because it’s pretty much how the former “day-of” coordination service has been done for some time. Essentially, all of this is just a matter of recognizing that the term “day-of coordinator” isn’t correct.

Wedding planners all over have decided that starting their coordination services 4-6 weeks before a wedding is enough time to get everything figured out and organized. This means that you hand over just about everything to your coordinator, and then they take over for you. You are responsible for all the planning, all the details, booking vendors and getting their arrival times up until this moment and now your month-of coordinator is going to handle the rest. Venue layout, creating your timeline, making sure everyone knows where to be, making sure you’re not forgetting anything and then pulling it all together on your wedding day - all of these are definitely things that you want done in the weeks before your wedding day, not on the day-of or the day before! And what makes it even better is that you get to enjoy (hopefully) the weeks leading up to your wedding!

Things go SO much better when your coordinator knows all of the nuances of your wedding. Because how else will you be able to have the day that you’ve dreamed of if you don’t let someone know about your plans and expectations? :)

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