• What Does a Wedding Planner Really do?

    Get a dress, pick a date, select a venue and get vendors. That's pretty much all there is to it, right?

    Not even close! 

  • Why You Should Book Your Planner First!

    Booking your planner before you book anything else, even your venue, can save you from a total wedding planning disaster 

  • What Kind Of Planning do I need?

    Don't be drawn in by the endless DIY wedding planning resources oversaturating the internet. If it were truly that easy, wedding planners wouldn't exist 

  • "Day of" Coordinators Do Not Exist

    The truth about the commonly used "day of coordinator" term and why it is a myth 

  • Things Your Wedding Planner Can't (or won't) do

    There is one huge difference between a venue coordinator and a wedding coordinator....you! 

  • 7 Things You can Expect Your Wedding Day Coordinator will do

    To clear up a little confusion, here are some things you can expect your wedding coordinator will handle for you on your wedding day 

  • Venue Coordinator vs Wedding Coordinator

    There is one huge difference between a venue coordinator and a wedding coordinator....you! 

  • What You Need To Know Before Booking Your Venue

    There is a lot more to consider when choosing a venue than just aesthetics 

  • Pinterest vs Reality

    The real cost of seemingly small aspects of your wedding 

  • Why DIY Is a DI-Don't!

    Think you are going to save thousands and make your wedding so much easier by doing everything yourself? Guess again! 

  • Cost Saving Wedding Myth's

    Cheaper is not always better and is certainly not always the road you want to travel when it comes to your wedding day 

  • The Guest Count, counts!

    If you are planning to invite everyone you know and everyone your parents know, be prepared for your shindig to come with a hefty price tag! 

  • Wedding Planning Dictionary

    Common wedding terms and their meanings 

  • Things Your Guests Will Hate

    Your wedding day is just as much about guest experience as it is about you. Here are some things you want to avoid. 

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